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The first episode of The ICORP On The Road documentary series “Reconnecting The Sacred Valley Kathmandu” will be released on 02.02.2020 on our YouTube channel! To date, The ICORP On The Road team completed the filming of the five documentary episodes bringing to life untold stories from Nepal, Turkey, Mali, Pakistan and Brazil. Stay tuned for the full episode!

ICOMOS Pakistan Presents ICOMOS ICORP On The Road Documentary Behind The Camera Episode 4

The 4th episode of Icorp On The Road Project’s documentary series “They Didn’t Just Come For The Lands” behind the scenes clip is on air.

The filming and editing of this clip was made by ICOMOS Pakistan during filming effort of ICORP On The Road Documentary Team, to give you a preview of the episode with an inspiring story!

The 4th episode narrates the story of Swat Valley of Pakistan which have been home to Kushan, Hindu and Muslim heritage through history. Swat Valley with its multilayered cultural heritage was targeted by terrorist attacks for its both tangible and intangible values.

This episodes brings you the story of local people and experts of different fields who gave great effort to protect their cultural heritage even when it meant to put themselves at risk. As we are looking forward to share the episodes with you, we invite you to have a close look to the making process of our documentary!

ICOMOS ICORP-On the Road First Episode ‘ Reconnecting the Sacred Valley Kathmandu’

Icorp On the Road First Episode; ’Reconnecting the Sacred Valley Kathmandu’ trailer is on air.

Gorkha earthquake in 2015 damaged large areas of Kathmandu Valley. The recovery process of the cultural heritage has now been going on for three years with the support of local communities and professionals.

Icorp On the Road has showcased these inspiring stories. The project aims to deliver the spirit of the place where traditional conservation methods are still followed.

Within the project; conservation experts, site managers, artisans and local people were interviewed in the region.

And now everything is ready. You can watch the trailer here.

The full episode will be publish in August.

Stay tuned for next episodes.